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Wait who gets grossed out by that and do they also say “private parts” and “weewee” because they can’t handle Grown Up Words?

People are always like “can’t you call it cramps?” “Why do you call it menstruation?” “Roisin you don’t need to be so specific.” I mean, sometimes I do say things like “my uterus is bleeding,” which I guess is gross, but I don’t think it is, I dunno.

I also really don’t like calling them cramps because they don’t feel like cramps to me, they feel like death in my uterus, which I know you understand. And when I was getting diagnosed with PCOS and endomitriosis and all of that stuff I had to be really specific and open about the pain/menstruating, so it’s hard for me to go back to being all hush hush about having my period.

My favorite is when they show you the scale with the faces and numbers and ask you to rate your pain…

The 10 guy does not even begin to express how horrible it feels (he just looks like his boyfriend broke 8 up with him), but I always rate it around 7 or 8 because I’m usually not actually crying, just thinking about it.

Also am I the only one who has an elaborate story for the pain scale guys? 8 broke up with 10, 10 is devastated but 8 is only upset because it was a difficult decision to make; he still loves 10 but he knows that they’re not good for each other. 6 is 8’s best friend and he’s fucking tired of hearing about all of 8 & 10’s bullshit all the time. 4 likes gossip and is intrigued. 2 is on his way to the grocery store to buy some vodka because he’s throwing a party tonight. 0 is fucking pumped because he heard that 10 is single now and it’s his time to snag the hottie.

They’re all guys because I call all things “guys” including but not limited to gender neutral illustrations and quesadillas.

I don’t know why I’m so into photographic evidence right now, but there you go.

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Riley, 22, talents include:

  • calling the moment when a show’s writers decided to give a character a gay storyline BEFORE the storyline itself technically starts
  • mimicking cats’ meows
  • um
  • ah
  • well
  • that’s enough, right?

What am I supposed to do when you move across the country?!

I’d say “come with me” but I left you in charge of the Indy so… I dunno. Invent teleporters really quickly? I like that one.

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They do that so they can fix the machines and schtuff! I was really stoned once and asked.

I mean yes, but it was like that all day and no one was working on it. And when I was on my way to work, the escalator to my floor was blocked off, the elevator wasn’t running and I had to go into the parking lot to find stairs up to my floor. The whole upper floor was super empty for a few hours until they got the elevator running, because the only way to get up there was through the parking lot or through the department stores’ escalators.

Also I’m glad that you were at one point in time stoned, in a mall and perplexed by a blocked escalator. Did you ask security, or…?

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