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July 23rd
12:37 AM

Just realized that the next-door neighbors have been having a party tonight. You know, the ones whose living room I can see into, just a few feet away, if I look out my bedroom window?

And I’ve been listening to PU$$Y by Iggy Azalea at full volume on repeat for most of the last 45 minutes.

Yes, my bedroom window is open and yes, their living room window is open, so yes, they have absolutely been treated to an almost nonstop repetition of PUSSY, PUSSY, PUSSY that I hope their guests enjoyed.


July 5th
8:32 PM




best. flashmob. ever.

I am legit in tears.

I love the absolute JOY on people’s face, it’s quite something.


I might have cried a little bit. I want more orchestral flash mobs, please.

June 11th
11:18 PM

Semi Charmed Call (Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Third Eye Blind)

by Chambaland



Chambaland - “Semi Charmed Call” (Carly Ray Jepsen vs. Third Eye Blind)

(EDIT: Holy smokes, thanks internet! You can find an mp3 of this here, BTW.)

I really like this mash-up a lot. 


1:36 AM

this song

Maps (YYY) should just be part of everything always

except I don’t think anyone could use it better than this

May 31st
11:03 PM

'I Won't Give Up' Jason Mraz cover by Lennon and Maisy Stella (by lennonandmaisy)

Two sisters, 12 and 8, blowing your mind with their amazing singing voices and harmonies.

I need an album. NOW.

May 26th
7:28 PM

The live version of Not With You on Get Along is just… I haven’t adequate words.

May 13th
2:42 AM

significant music of the last four years:

  • Kitty Pryde (because internet and that Yeastie Girlz shirt)
  • Call Me Maybe (because internet & hilarious music video)
  • Kreayshawn (because internet and swagged ovaries)
  • Halo (because Alex drunk at 5am)
  • Yeasayer (because beautiful Detroit nights)
  • Bloody Beetroots (because bones intoxication times)
  • Kids (because dancing, because intoxication)
  • Jar of Hearts (because that time Rachel & I dropped our homework at 5am, mesmerized by the gorgeous video)
  • Sleigh Bells (because beautiful Detroit nights)
  • Tightrope (because dancing)
  • Menya’s version of White Houses (because dancing, because friendship)
  • Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (because dancing, because intoxication)
  • Because The Night (because freshman year)
  • Heads Will Roll (because… just because.)
  • Gaga (because Gaga)
May 8th
9:43 PM

KDrew - Danger Zone Ft. Mr. Nickelz (Official Music Video) (by KDrewTV)

Really intense video… abandoned Packard Plant setting for the storyline, spliced with what appears to be footage of the Detroit (and possibly other) riots.

April 12th
10:10 PM

LP covers Beyonce’s “Halo”

Have you ever dreamed of a song that fulfills both your sexual and emotional needs? HELLO AND WELCOME TO LP’S COVER OF HALO.

Click the link for not just listening but FREE downloading. Because lord knows I’m making a playlist that’s just this song 800 times.

April 5th
4:43 PM

Take a Hint // Tori & Jade
(from TeenNick’s Victorious)


It’s all about consent and it’s so girl power and I miss the Spice Girls but this makes it almost okay.
(Melanie, this is so girls’ studies and I wish you were home right now to talk about it with me!)

why am I always hit on by the boys I never like?
I can always see them coming from the left and from the right
I don’t wanna be a priss, I’m just trying to be polite
but it always seems to bite me in the —
ask me for my number, yeah, you put me on the spot
you think that we should hook up but I think that we should not
you had me at hello, then you opened up your mouth
and that is when it started going south

get your hands off my hips or I’ll punch you in the lips
stop your staring at my —
take a hint, take a hint
no you can’t buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint
take a hint, take a hint…

I guess you still don’t get it, so let’s take it from the top
you asked me what my sign, is I told you it was STOP
and if I had a dime for every name you just dropped
you’d be here and I’d be on a yacht

[chorus: get your hands off my hips, etc]

what about “NO” don’t you get?
so go and tell your friends I’m not really interested
it’s about time that you’re leaving, I’m gonna count to three
open my eyes and you’ll be gone

(ONE) get your hands off my—
(TWO) or I’ll punch you in the—
(THREE) stop your staring at my—
(HEY!) take a hint, take a hint

I am not your missing link, let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint
take a hint, take a hint…

March 29th
8:36 PM

13 VIdeo_bip

by Morgan Page




In love with this. Instant.

March 28th
8:52 PM

fill these spaces up with days
in my room
you can go, you can stay
I can’t sleep
I can’t speak to you

March 16th
1:00 AM

me: listening to Bach while reading
me: still listening to Bach
spotify: HEY you should listen to ONE DIRECTION for the next 45 seconds YEAH let’s do that, they’re cool
me: please dear god bring the cellos back
spotify: here, have more cellos
spotify: oh and here’s an ad for “drinking songs” for St Patrick’s Day because that’s not ridiculous at all
cellos: don’t worry, we’re still here, we love you
spotify: you can keep your cellos for the next like… 15 minutes, but then we have something to say to you
cellos: let the strings fix it, make you feel all better

February 24th
7:09 PM

So there’s this song. I am positive it exists. The internet insists it doesn’t. The lyrics go something like,

I’ve got the Grable grace
I’ve got the Grable face
though I’ve had it much longer than she
gee if I only had her personality

and if anyone can find this song for me, I’ll love you forever. I believe it’s from the 40s, but it could be later.