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April 12th
10:10 PM

LP covers Beyonce’s “Halo”

Have you ever dreamed of a song that fulfills both your sexual and emotional needs? HELLO AND WELCOME TO LP’S COVER OF HALO.

Click the link for not just listening but FREE downloading. Because lord knows I’m making a playlist that’s just this song 800 times.

January 24th
3:33 AM

LP - “Halo” (Beyonce Cover) live at Hudson Block Party in West Hollywood, CA 8/13 (by Promoting4815162342)

If you don’t understand why she is the greatest hidden musician of our time, you can go elsewhere.

2:58 AM

LP - Someday (by whoisLP)

Okay, so approximately every few months for the past like… five plus years… I’ve wondered to myself, “when is LP actually coming out with that album?” Because you guys, she’s amazing, and I needed that damn album. I probably especially needed it when I was 16 and heartbroken, but things don’t always happen the way we want them to.

And I just found out that she’s been signed to a different label and is actually finally coming out with an album.

And this song.

And guys, I am so excited. You should be too.