Andrew’s first time in Detroit: taking the guided tour of the RenCen, at the top at Coach Insignia.

(I don’t necessarily recommend this tour. It’s mostly an advertising gimmick to get you to shop at the stores there.)

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  • For Looking at Photos we went down into the Neuberger basement where they keep all the art that’s not on display—so many fantastic things down there. There’s this Taylor McKimens piece that I was obsessed with while we were supposed to be looking at photographs.
  • Indy. Another 16-pager this week! I blasted Disney songs and occasionally (Hercules) got Tom to sing along with me. Got unreasonably stressed and decided to just stop and do the rest tomorrow, which was a good idea.
  • Andrew texted me and asked if I could read/edit 5 pages of his senior thesis, so I headed over to the library. There were people on our couches all night but I think we all worked better at a table today anyway. I tore apart his draft (partly because he’s a philosophy major and I am not, and needed way more detail) and he thanked me. He said my comments were very helpful, and I feel good about it!
  • Busted through some notes for Chaucer.
  • Worked with Melanie on her senior project, having a dialogue about Iser and mirrors and YA Lit. Serious Isergasm. We got a lot done. I feel awesome about that. All things related to editing make me so very happy.
  • Didn’t touch my own senior project at all. That’ll happen tomorrow. I’ve written a good 5 pages in the last few days so a day off won’t kill me.
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